About Our Company

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Who We Are

5J Trucking was founded by James E. Frye, Jr. in 1981 as a single truck operation.  By 1998, it had grown to ten trucks, ten trailers and two cranes.  In 1998, after seventeen years in the business, 5J was acquired by transportation service company.   In March 2004, 5J began operating again out of its yard in Palestine, Texas with a fleet of seven trucks and trailers, two cranes, two loaders, and twenty-two employees. Since that time, 5J has grown to seven locations in Texas and Pennsylvania.  

5J Trucking, is a contract carrier that manages a large fleet of equipment specializing in the logistical needs of the industrial construction industry.  


5J Group strives to be to be the best in its industry by having well trained employees and superior equipment.  We believe in focusing on safety and efficiency that brings added value to our customers and to the company.