Health, Safety & Environmental


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5J Trucking, LLC strives to provide a safe work environment for all of its employees, subcontractors and clients.

  • Safe working conditions are achieved through efficient communication, thorough hazards analysis and continuous training.
  • In addition, 5J Trucking adheres to all regulatory requirements (state, federal, and local), and maintains best-industry practices.
5J Trucking believes that all injuries are preventable.

  • We continually strive to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • Management also recognizes that every employee shares in the responsibility for safety on the job; consequently, safe work practices and timely reporting of incidents and potential accidents (i.e., near misses and unsafe conditions) are a condition of employment.
5J Trucking takes a proactive approach to conducting its safety and health program.

  • Incidents and near misses are investigated, and the pertinent information that is uncovered during the investigation are distributed and discussed during the following safety meeting and pre-job JSA meetings.
Everyone is encouraged to provide suggestions and establish high personal goals for eliminating accidents and injuries.

  • Participation in the meetings to discuss the safety aspects of each assignment is mandatory.
  • If the source of a hazard cannot be eliminated, the use of special procedures, safety devices, or protective equipment and clothing must be utilized to reduce the exposure potential.
  • If these measures cannot sufficiently reduce the potential for harm, then the job will not be performed.
5J Trucking is dedicated to the protection of the environment. 5J Trucking strives to meet or exceed all regulatory and client requirements.

  • Employees are taught environmental regulation and pollution prevention practices that are applicable to their operating responsibilities.
  • Employees are expected to perform their job in a way that complies with regulatory requirements and company policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures.